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Employee of the Month

Congratulations Teresa Hanlin! You have been awarded the employee of the month for September 2016 in appreciation of your exemplary work.

Community Action Development Association wants to appreciate you regarding your excellent performance. CADC wants you to know that because of your hard work, the Head Start program has all the children's slots filled. Your enthusiasm and willingness to work with the staff, in spite of difficulties, have made a huge impact to our success.  We have all noticed the enthusiasm and extra hours you put into your job. The way you have performed throughout the last few months shows your hard work, your sincerity, perseverance and diligence to Head Start and also a great annual pre-service.  We appreciate your high level of loyalty and dedication in handling the tasks assigned  to you.

Calendar of Events

Success Story!

CADC recently completed weatherization activities on an elderly couple’s home in Washita County.  Most of the windows in the their home were in very poor condition and there were huge gaps around the rotten frame around a seriously inefficient window air conditioner.  Due to an inoperable and poorly vented floor furnace, they were forced to use three unvented gas space heaters, two of which produced dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.  CADC performed air sealing and reduced the air leakage of this home by more than half, installed wall and attic insulation, replaced many of the windows, repaired the floor furnace complete with all new venting, and installed a new high efficiency window air conditioner.  After weatherization activities were complete - not only did they experiences much lower energy bills, but their quality of life was much improved.